Monday, August 17, 2009

next one

Who: The Jukes featuring Kit Ruscoe
What: Chi-town Blues
When: Tuesday August 18th 4-7pm
Where: Lou's pier 47 300 Jefferson St. Fisherman's
Wharf San Francisco CA

Monday, August 3, 2009

Best band ever

OK gang,
Here it is, finally confirmed, the new revamped band that I've been threatening you all with. This Thursday is the world premier of the new Kit Ruscoe Trio!! We are playing a rare free show, to get everybody out. Beale st. B&G
is located in the financial district here in SF and has great food and drinks and now, great music with yours truly.

Who: The Kit Ruscoe Trio
What: Trippy shit just like you like it!!
When: Thursday August 6th 7:30pm - ?
Where: Beale st. Bar & Grill
133 Beale st. SF CA 94105
Why: This is the band you want to see